Miércoles, diciembre 23 2009

A Nrmal X-Mas Special

A Nrmal X-Mas Special

Bootsy Collins / Cheech & Chong / James Brown / Frank Sinatra / Steve Wonder / Dan The Automator / C3PO & R2D2 (Star Wars) / Buchanan & Goodman / Stanta Claus (himself) / Tino Corp / Pizzicato Five / Jim Jones / Run D.M.C / Cassetteboy / Charlie Brown & Co. / Clarence Carter / Curtis Blow / The Waitresses / James Brown / Augie Rios / Bjork / Jimmy Boyd / Horache Andy / Bing Crosby + Exclusive Edits by Unkle Bashmëister

Dudes, there’s a package under Nrmal’s door!!!

Era un día como cualquier otro, solo que navidad cada vez estaba más cerca. Debajo de la puerta encontramos un regalo, que llegaba bastante temprano, faltaban un par de noches para que el gordito de los regalos hiciera de las suyas. El misterioso paquete no era un regalo, sino un desesperado grito de ayuda… The story goes like this:

X-Mas 2009 goes pretty well, typical shopping, good food, the right mood, some crisis, but it’s all good in the neighborhood… when certainly a news breaks out! St. Claus had been kidnapped by alien spacecraft, within his sled & reindeers. There’s chaos!!!

Dudes from the pentagon go with Barak Obama and find him drunk in the whitehouse. The FBI declares that Santa’s been taken in open orbita into a sputnik, they establish connection with the satellite to find out that C3PO kidnapped Santa as a X-Mas surprise for R2D2!!!

USA decides to send a rocket with astronauts to rescue Santa from the satellite. But, since Obama was drunk at that time, they send by confusion Cheech & Chong!!!

Listen to this episode for more…

Enjoy! HO HO HO…

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